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Reflections of resin


"Reflections of Resin" by NAICI
Flooring and Decoration

Success of NAICI also depends on effective communication able to transmit the philosophy, the character and the style of the brand.
The brand "Reflections of Resin", flooring and decoration resins by NAICI, was born in order to satisfy consumer needs by providing products of quality and substance.
"Reflections of Resin" is an effective way to communicate with the world of NAICI Resins. The furniture often reflect the personality, character, sensitivity of the person: furnishing a house often shows a way of being, a lifestyle while resins convey elegance, class, strength, heat, modernity and, for sure, originality.

The floor has a fundamental importance. It immediately catchs your attention and allows you to understand style, quality and the taste of the interior. Floors and decorations performed with NAICI Resins offer the answer to all your architectural needs, especially to the most sophisticated. Beauty, functionality, outstanding durability and ease of application. These are the characteristics that distinguish this wide range of products.
Choose a NAICI Resins means direct towards the convenience, ease of cleaning and the incredible strength, a very important feature for high-traffic areas. All without sacrificing the ability to show off a unique and unrepeatable job. The absence of joints, the unlimited possibility of colors, the unlimited possibilities offered by hand application, can change  any room in a wonderful and creative space. Choose a resin floor means to invest in creativity and durability.
NAICI Resins for flooring and decoration are suitable for any environment, industrial, commercial or residential.

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