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ICN srl is the owner of the brand NAICI, a brand on the market since the beginning of 1980, and with this brand the company produces a wide range of resins and specialty products for the construction industry for building, renovation, maintenance and protection. NAICI is also a leading brand in the flooring resin and always offered a wide range of products for their realization. Recently, the use of resin floors is increasing both in the industrial and decorative sector. NAICI Resins are well suited to any type of requirement and processing.
The ICN, for the distribution of products NAICI, offers to the customers a wide sales network, consisting of technical experts.  It also provides assistance and expert advice that it is provided by our professionals  able to give clarification on the use of various products.
The company, thanks to its strategic location, and its efficient distribution network operated autonomously, provides a speedy and prompt delivery.
Communication to the customers is a well cared activity made by the Company through its web site  Naici.it , through the news letter sent to a large mailing list, and through the magazine NaiciPro which is printed and sent to all clients, professionals and those who request it through the web site.

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